Big Customized CNC Boring Machines for heavy industry

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This company has accumulated more than 70 years of design and manufacturing experience in machining processes such as milling, boring, drilling and tapping, and has provided domestic customers with more than 1,500 sets of special equipment for various types of combined machine tools.

In order to meet the market demand and adapt to the market development, on the basis of the original combined machine tool, CNC servo control is added to realize the flexible production of the machine tool, improve the product quality and reduce the production cost.

Special machine tools are mainly designed and manufactured for mass production and products with high interchangeability requirements. Now it mainly provides special equipment for domestic automobiles, motorcycles, air conditioners, hydraulic parts, internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery and other industries. The parts to be processed are: cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, rocker arm, support, main bearing cover, half shaft sleeve, crankshaft balance block, intake and exhaust pipe, axle housing, brake caliper body Wait.

The main equipments are: engine cylinder block tappet hole processing equipment; engine cylinder block plane processing equipment; engine cylinder block processing equipment; engine crankshaft processing equipment; engine connecting rod processing equipment; crankshaft bearing cap processing equipment; shaft parts processing equipment; others Such as camshafts, cylinder heads, rocker arms, rocker arm supports, intake and exhaust valve pipes, front and rear axle housings, gearbox bodies and covers, axle shafts and other parts processing equipment.

Adhering to decades of rich experience in designing and manufacturing special machines, Sanli Precision Machinery can provide users with low-cost and high-quality equipment according to customer needs and personalized design.


1, customized drill-boring machine from two sides together of workpiece.


2, customized boring machine for water pump


3, customized CNC boring machine for machining field .


4 Customized CNC boring machine for large parts with high coaxiality requirements, such as booms, stick frames and box parts on excavators, and the coaxiality after processing is within 0.03mm


5, welding production line with robots


6 other projects


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