CNC Gantry Drilling and Tapping Center

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X Y Z travels: 700*800*350~600*600*300mm
Distance between spindle nose and working table: 50-430~250-550
Work table: 600*500mm~800*690mm
Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, or customized

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This CNC Gantry drilling-tapping center has an ultra-wide bed to hold workpiece. Gantry column design, light 3D dynamic finite element analysis and optimization of the machine body bring prevent the machine body from deforming, thereby increasing the service life of the machine tool.

The castings of CNC drilling-tapping center are made of high-quality materials and accepted subjected to aging treatment, so that we get a stable overall structure and high rigidity.

The three-axis guide adopts high-precision linear guide to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine at high speed.

The three-axis transmission adopts high-precision ball screw and direct drive of servo motors.

The main shaft adopts the main shaft unit structure, so that have high speed and high precision.

The standard 12T hat type tool magazine can realize automatic tool change.

The window help operator watching processing, it is safety protection for operators.

This drilling-tapping center has a smart control system, operator could set many parameters as different workpieces, and in this control system, there are many functions to choose. In the help of control system, this machine achieve automatic processing, operators can operate several machines. Also this machine can cooperate with robots to achieve one automatic production line.


Items F-BYNC870 F-BYNC650 F-BYNC6060
X Y Z travels (mm) 700*800*350 600*500*300 600*600*300
Distance between spindle nose and working table(mm) 50-500 50-430 250-550
Gantry width(mm) 750 740 670
Work table (mm) 800*690 600*500 640*700
Spindle BT40 BT30 BT30
Loading of working table (KG) 400 300 300
Screw pitch 8mm 5mm 5mm
Nos of T-slots 5 5 4
Spindle motor (KW) 5.5 3.7 3.7
Three axis motor(XYZ) 6/10NM 4/6NM 4/6NM
Three axis guide rails (XYZ) (mm) 35*35*35 30*30*30 30
Three axis screw rod (XYZ)(mm) 32 32 25
Measure(mm) 2.43*2.35*2.56 2.1*2*2.35 1.96*2.01*2.2
Weight 5T 3.5T 2.5T
Bamboo hat type magazine 12T 12T 8T
CNC system KND (customized) 

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