High quality CNC WEDM cutting machine

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Pulse Width (TON): 2US-128US
Pulse power output voltage: 100V
Working Table: 420*270mm~1900*1500mm
Table travel: 250*200mm~1200*1400
Power supply: AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phrase, customized

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High quality CNC WEDM cutting machine5

Our WEDM cutting machine is composed of a host computer, an electrical control system, a software part, and a cooling filter system. This equipment is used for electrical discharge machining for trajectory cutting of various complex molds and parts, and for processing various non-ferrous metals, tool steels, alloy steels and other materials.

WEDM cutting machine has high geometric accuracy and position accuracy, and has sufficient static, dynamic, and thermal stiffness and accuracy. The equipment has taper cutting, variable taper and special-shaped meshing cutting functions.

High quality CNC WEDM cutting machine3
High quality CNC WEDM cutting machine4

Machine design

"Pyramid"-shaped cross slide structure, "T"-shaped bed, box-type structure design, the machine tool has sufficient static and dynamic rigidity, reliable work, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and conforms to the principles of ergonomics.

The castings are all cast with resin sand technology, long-term natural aging, secondary tempering, complete internal stress elimination, which improves the rigidity and precision retention of the castings; increases the rigidity of the machine tool and reduces the amount of deformation; all the guide rails are made of bearing structural steel and quenched The hardness is between HRC56-60, which ensures the wear resistance of the guide rail.

The screw adopts a ball screw, which has high rolling precision and strong wear resistance. The workbench and the wire transport pallet are respectively rolled with precision balls, with low friction, stable movement and strong wear resistance.

The control cabinet is intuitive and convenient. There are multiple groups of modifiable parameter libraries. Users can flexibly save the cutting parameters of different materials, different heights, different speeds, and different surface roughness, as well as straightening and edge electrical parameters. This design reduces the need for machine tools. The operator's requirements for process convenience, while simplifying and facilitating the operation of the machine tool.

Using a frequency converter, the speed of the wire conveying drum can be adjusted arbitrarily, thereby improving the smoothness of the workpiece, high efficiency (cutting efficiency can reach 7000 to 8000 square millimeters per hour), and can realize the function of cutting wire = knife cutting. Consumption 0.85 degrees) Compared with ordinary machine tools, it can save energy by 50% and is environmentally friendly (the machine tool's environmental protection water cover prevents the working fluid from splashing. The working fluid can be replaced once every 30 working days with the high-pressure filter water tank, which greatly improves the working time and the number of sewage discharges.

Power supply AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phrase, customized
Stepping method three-phase six-beat or five-phase ten-beat, pulse equivalent: 1um
Rated power 3.5KW  1.0KW
Pulse power output voltage 100V
Pulse Width (TON) 2US-128US
Pulse interval (TOFF) 2-9 times TON
Inverter gear
Processing "50 "wire up"10-30"
Models Working Table(mm) Working Table travel(mm) Max processing thickness(mm) Max processing  Taper (mm) Processing Loading(KG) Weight(KG) Measure(L*W*H)
DK7720 420*270 250*200 300 100 900 1500*1000*1700
DK7725 520*280 350*250 300 150 1200 1500*1050*1800
DK7735 630*380 450*350 400 6°~45°/80mm 250 1400 1700*1130*1800
DK7745 850*580 450*550 400 6°~45°/80mm 450 1700 1900*1300*1800
DK7750 960*680 500*630 500 6°~45°/80mm 500 2300 2100*1550*2000
DK7763 1170*780 630*800 600 6°~45°/80mm 950 2800 2250*1800*2300
DK7780 1350*980 800*1000 800 6°~45°/80mm 1000 5000 2400*2100*2300
DK77100 1600*1150 1000*1200 1000 6°~45°/80mm 1100 6000 2500*2300*2500
DK77120 1900*1500 1200*1400 1000 6°~45°/80mm 1800 7500 3800*3800*2700


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