Types of Drilling Machines

Types of Drilling Machines

A drilling machine is a hole-making machine. It is mainly used to process holes on workpieces with complex shapes and no symmetrical axis of rotation, such as single holes or holes on parts such as boxes, brackets, and so on. A drilling machine is a machine tool that uses a drill to machine holes in a workpiece. It is usually used for machining holes with small size and less high precision requirements. When machining on a drilling machine, the workpiece is generally fixed, and the tool rotates and moves along the axial direction at the same time. The drilling machine can complete the work of drilling, reaming, reaming and tapping. The main parameter of the drilling machine is the maximum drilling diameter.

What are the types of drilling machines?

Bench Drill, Vertical Drilling Machine, Horizontal Drilling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Single Spindle Drilling Machine, Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine, Fixed Drilling Machine, Mobile Drilling Machine, Magnetic Base Drilling Machine, Slideway Drilling Machine, Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, Deep Space Drilling Machine, Gantry CNC Drilling Machine , Combination drilling machine, drilling and milling machine.

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