Precision CNC boring machine

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Boring length range: 2000-1200mm or custom   

Roll fixtures clamping range: 40-350mm or custom

Ring fixtures clamping range: 50-330mm or custom

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Precision CNC boring machine-2


1, This machine is designed for cold drawn pipes or hot rolled pipes, with boring , scraping and rolling to process inner diameters to achieve good accuracy size and fine surface finishing . The cold-drawn pipes are 27 SiMn, 30CrMnSi, 42CrMn. Hot-rolled pipes could be quenched and tempered or not ,cold-drawn steel pipe is cold-drawn (hard) state or stress-relieved annealed state.

2,  Functions

2,1 Special pipe fixtures take pipes turning during boring heads rotation in rough boring processing, for rough machining straightly in holes.

2.2 Special pipe fixture take pipes turning, boring extension bar keep still, hydraulic boring rolling tools make fine processing to get fine accuracy , straight and etc.

2.3 Special pipe fixtures keep pipe keep still, Boring bar rotate, to use boring rolling tools to roll pipes to get fine finishing.


The main features of CNC boring machine are high processing efficiency, stable performance, intelligent and simple CNC operating system, beautiful look, unified and tidy appearance, and better environmental protection measures against oil splashing and leakage

The equipment has the following three combined actions of workpiece and tool: 1), the workpiece and tool rotate at the same time. 2) The workpiece is fixed and the tool rotates. 3) The workpiece is rotated and the tool is fixed. The rough boring head is used for push boring in rough machining, and the combined tool machining process of scraping + rolling (hydraulic or pneumatic) is used in finishing, which effectively solves the serious deviation in rough machining of hot-rolled steel pipes and deep holes in cold-drawn steel pipes. The phenomenon of poor straightness after finishing.

After rapid scraping and rolling, the precision can reach IT7-8 level, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.1-0.2μm, with

the machine tool equipped with an automatic tool expansion and contraction control module, a dedicated Korean-style pneumatic & German-style hydraulic tool expansion and retraction system to get good finishing. The optimum scraping and rolling machining allowance is 0.5-10mm in the diameter direction).

TGK series machine tools are equipped with German SIEMENS 808D numerical control system; the workpiece rotating spindle box is driven by spindle servo motor with stepless speed regulation, the boring bar spindle box is driven by spindle servo motor with stepless speed regulation, and the spindle bearing adopts high-precision bearing with high rotation accuracy. The feed box is driven by an AC servo motor with stepless speed regulation; the bed body is made of high-quality cast iron, and the double-flat guide rails ensure the overall rigidity and good orientation of the machine tool, and there are protective structures around it. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic chip conveyor, a magnetic separator, a paper filter, etc., to fully ensure the clean recovery and reuse of the coolant, and the filtration accuracy can reach 30 μm.


NO Items Parameters
1 Boring length range 2000-1200mm or custom
2 Roll fixtures clamping range 40-350mm or custom
3 Ring fixtures clamping range 50-330mm or custom
4 Width of guide rails 650 mm
5 Spindle center height 400 mm
6 Headstock motor 75KW, serve motor
7 Headstock rotation speed 90-500r/min
8 Headstock spindle dia ≥280mm
9 Motor of boring tools 55KW, serve motor
10 rotation speed of boring tools 100~1000r/min, stepless adjustment
11 Feeding motor 27Nm
12 Feeding speed 5-3000mm/min, stepless adjustment
13 Apron move speed 3000mm/min
14 Control system SIEMENS 808D
15 Hydraulic pump motor N=1.5kW,n=1440r/min
16 Cooling pump motor N=5.5kW, 3 sets
17 Coolant rated pressure 0.5MPa
18 Coolant system flow 340 L/min
19 Dimension 14000mm*3500mm*1700mm
20 Power supply 380V, 50HZ, 3phase
21 Workshop Working environment temperature: 0 - 45℃Relative humidity: ≤85%


1, Machine structure

The bed adopts double rectangular flat guide rail structure, and the guide rail width is 650mm. The bed is the basic part of the machine tool, and its rigidity directly affects the working performance and working accuracy of the entire machine tool. The machine bed is made of resin sand, cast with high-quality cast iron HT300, aging treatment, with good appearance and strength, reasonable rib plate layout, Π-shaped reinforcing ribs make the bed have excellent rigidity, vibration resistance and resistance to section distortion. . The outer side of the bed is cast with a reflow tank, and a protective cover is installed around it, which has good appearance protection performance and no oil leakage. It can effectively collect cutting fluid and concentrate a little backflow for reuse. The bed adopts a split splicing structure, the guide rail adopts intermediate frequency quenching, the quenching layer is 3-5mm, and the surface hardness is HRC45-52. The guide rail grinder is precision ground, which makes the machine tool have good wear resistance and precision retention. The split splicing structure is reasonable and does not cause oil leakage.

2, Headstock (big holes, chip removal in spindle inner hole)

The workpiece rotating headstock mainly drives the workpiece to rotate and is fixed on the left end of the machine tool. The drive motor of the workpiece rotating headstock adopts a servo spindle motor. The speed range is 90-500r/min. The headstock adopts a through-spindle structure. The front end of the main shaft is installed with a conical disc, and the rear end of the main shaft is installed with a chip discharge pipe. During machining, the cutting oil is wrapped with iron chips and discharged through the inner hole of the main shaft to the automatic discharge. inside the chip machine. The whole structure is simple, the rigidity of the main shaft is improved, and the precision retention is good, which eliminates the phenomenon of running and dripping.

3, The boring bar box is an integral casting structure and is installed on the feed pallet. The boring bar box is driven by the main shaft servo motor, and the main shaft is driven to rotate through the synchronous belt through the speed change mechanism. The choice of speed can be determined according to the workpiece material, hardness, tool and chip breaking conditions and other factors. According to different speeds, it can be programmed and set by the numerical control system, and the spindle bearings are selected from Wafangdian bearings. The main function of the boring bar box is to drive the tool to rotate.

4, The oil dispenser is located in the middle of the bed. The front end of the oil dispenser is equipped with a rotatable oil dispenser guide bearing sleeve, which is used to install the boring guide sleeve, and the guide sleeve can rotate together with the workpiece. The rear side of the oil dispenser is provided with a cutting fluid input port, an infusion joint and a pipeline, and the cutting fluid is injected into the inner hole of the workpiece through the cavity in the oil dispenser box.

There is a large amount of high-pressure cutting fluid in the oil feeder box during the machining process. The workpiece is injected into the workpiece through the oil feeder side. The oil feeder tool guide sleeve controls the dimensional consistency accuracy of the tool and the workpiece before and after feeding. The back end of the boring bar support sleeve is Replaceable parts of the machine tool aids section. The main shaft of the oil feeder and the main shaft of the machine tool have high concentricity and good rotation accuracy.

The moving and jacking of the oil dispenser is driven by the frequency conversion motor to drive the gear shaft to rotate, and the movement and jacking functions of the oil dispenser are realized through the meshing of the gear shaft and the helical gear. For constant torque output, the size of the top tightening force is adjustable. The cone disc can be installed at the front end of the oil dispenser, which is used to tighten the workpiece.

5, The boring bar center bracket is located between the oil feeder and the boring bar box. It is used for the auxiliary support of the boring bar. It mainly supports the boring bar and controls the moving direction of the boring bar. A special boring bar is installed through the inner cavity of the boring bar bracket. The support kit (belonging to the machine tool auxiliary equipment) plays the role of absorbing the vibration of the boring bar, and the inner support sleeve has a swivel function. The rotating support sleeve in the middle of the boring bar bracket is integrated with the boring bar, which is convenient to replace together when the boring bar is replaced.

6, Feeding system

  The feeding pallet adopts a pallet type saddle structure, which effectively improves the rigidity of the saddle, and supports the guide rail with a span of 650mm. The saddle and the slide plate are cast with resin sand and undergo artificial aging treatment. Each guide rail surface is an important processing surface.

The feeding pallet adopts a rack and pinion structure, the gear is driven by the servo motor, and the carriage is driven by the meshing with the rack, so as to realize the feeding and rapid movement of the carriage. The whole feeding system has the characteristics of high precision, good rigidity, smooth movement and good precision retention. Some faults in machine tool processing can be reacted by the torque limiting unit and stop running in time to protect the safety of machine tools, tools and workpieces within a certain range.

7, Chip removal, cooling of cutting fluid, filtration, storage and supply, complete system of oil pump motor unit:

The whole system adopts the structure design of the above-ground oil tank. Chip removal device: chain plate type automatic chip removal machine→magnetic separator→circulation pump→high pressure paper filter→multi-stage isolation sedimentation filter→main oil pump.

Cooling system: Through three groups of gear pumps, it is supplied to the oil dispenser, and different flow rates can be obtained (3 groups of pumps 300L/min, 600L/min, 900L/min) to meet the different needs of the workpiece aperture size.

The circulating filter system is a separate oil tank with two sets of circulating oil pumps installed. The circulating oil pump is connected to the filter system on the main oil tank, so that the oil in the main oil tank is relatively clean. The circulating filter above the main oil tank should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

8, Fixtures

Equipped with 2 sets of V-block brackets, 2 sets of roller brackets, and 2 sets of annular center with motorized, used to support the workpiece. Manual lead screw, nut lift, can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the diameter of different workpieces. It mainly plays the role of bearing and adjusting the position of the workpiece boring.

Precision CNC boring machine-3

9, Hydraulic system

Adopt domestic and foreign advanced hydraulic components to ensure stable and reliable performance. Control tool expansion and contraction. Pressure and speed are adjustable.

10,  Electrical control system

It consists of electrical control cabinet, AC servo drive device, electrical control system, control station, etc. The main low-voltage electrical components use Schneider brand, aviation connectors, and the layout of strong and weak current is reasonable. The Siemens numerical control system is used to centrally control all parts of the whole machine, and the LCD screen displays various actions and instructions of the machine tool. (Pay attention to the height and position of the control station, and set it in a position that is easy to operate and not easy to be hit; the control panel is designed to prevent oil intrusion, and the oil should not be carried into the buttons and panels to prolong the service life of the system).

11, Control panel

  The machine tool is mainly operated on the oil dispenser, and the numerical control system operation panel is fixed on the oil dispenser carriage. The headstock and boring bar box are also equipped with corresponding operation and emergency stop buttons, which are convenient for machine tool control. The panel adopts aluminum alloy panel, the overall shape is harmonious, beautiful and durable.

12, Protection

  A peripheral protective cover is installed on the outside of the bed, and the protective effects are as follows: (1) Good appearance protection performance, no oil leakage, can effectively collect cutting fluid, and return it together for repeated use. (2) The appearance is simple and beautiful.

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